1.22 – Why is “I love travelling” the worst thing to say?

I love the travelling aspect of travel nearly as much as I love the destination itself. The simple thrill of going somewhere that’s not where you are now is exciting! Whether it’s a new city to see new sights, or back home for your mum’s food (as I am right now!), it all counts as travel. However it has become such a cliché.

I never say I love to travel.

Because everyone says that. And now it holds very little meaning. When someone says that to me, I immediately want to know what kind of ‘travel’ they are talking about. Is this going camping in Death Valley for 2 weeks? Or spending 5 days at an all-inclusive in Thailand? Or spending 6 months cycling across Africa? It’s become very clear that my version of travelling is a lot of other ‘travellers’ worst nightmare.

So learning how someone travels tells you an awful lot about their character. In some situations, it’s pretty hard to quickly figure it out though. Wild claims about yearning for exploration and embracing other cultures are forever being thrown about. Take bloggers for example. How many travel blogs are out there? Probably millions. And almost all sell themselves in this way, but only a fraction do so truthfully. I’m not slating travel blogs btw. Most of my absolute favourite bloggers cover all aspects of travelling. It’s just that it can be hard to figure out what content is on offer from the outside.

“So what’s the solution then Dan?!” Well for yourself, think carefully about how you sell your passion for seeing the world. Avoid the cliché and present yourself in a more innovative and interesting way. Not only does it sound a million times better, but it helps you more clearly describe who you are and why you do. In a world where flights are cheap(ish) and internet is everywhere, we’ve all got to find new ways to sell number one!


7 thoughts on “1.22 – Why is “I love travelling” the worst thing to say?

  1. Great perspective. Coming off a trip from Honduras, it made me crazy to walk into a restaurant, see a bunch of “American” food on the menu, and hear top 40 English music playing while everyone talked about how cultured they were getting from visiting Honduras.

  2. You shared some great thoughts, Dan! It’s true, there are a ton of travel bloggers and it can be difficult to tell what their more specific travel related interests are. I realized that recently with my own blog, and I’m starting to go through and change things a bit so my writers understand better what I have to offer. Great post!

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