1.30 – Can I celebrate now?

So does this mean that I’ve now done a month of daily blogging? I think I have. It’s kinda hard to tell though, when every month is a different length.

I mean really. What moron came up with that idea?

And don’t come back to me lecturing about the moon or the Earth’s rotation about the sun. It’s no excuse. The system we have is just irritatingly inconsistent. Not enough so to merit genuine discussion, but still enough to cause non-negligible confusion every 30ish days.

But anyway, today is a day of celebration, so I’ll stop ranting. 30 posts about science, stories, and random thoughts in my head. One every single day. 30 also happens to be the first of the sphenic numbers (positive integer that is the product of three different primes), in case you hadn’t noticed. So clearly, a very important number. I plan to continue daily blogging for quite a while longer, so there is plenty more content to come. And if you are still here on the 16th of October, you’ll be in for a real treat…


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