1.36 – What time do you live?

This is going to be a difficult post for me. I want to speak about something that is very clear in my mind, but always comes across as unrefined on paper. Especially in a daily-blog length post. So have a read, and let me know if it makes any sense.

In a weird way, I try hard not to look forward to things. If you spend your time dreaming of events to come and wishing away the now, two problems tend to arise. Firstly, by spending all your time longing for some future event, you end up setting your expectations unrealistically high, such that when said event arrives in the present, it seems a little disappointing. Secondly and more importantly, by wishing away the present, you are rejecting the idea of happiness in whatever you are doing now. Ultimately, this means that you are always chasing happiness, rather than living it.

Similar arguments can be made for the past. People that spend their time rambling on about ‘the good old days’ are also rejecting the idea of happiness right now. If today isn’t ‘a good old day’, then change something! Because you live today, not yesterday. Plus, no one likes the guy/gal that won’t move on.

Now this is the bit where you may misinterpret me, for better or for worse. I don’t mean you should stop being excited for awesome things in your future; just aspire to be as excited about what you are doing right now. And don’t forget you memories; evenings spent with friends reminiscing and remembering are both healthy and some of the best fun you can have. Just remember that you’re only going to create more great memories by embracing the now.

I know sometimes it is hard to find any joy in the present. Like when your work is boring, you’ve just had an unpleasant argument, or someone close to you has been lost. But don’t let that stop you trying, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Don’t live yesterday. Don’t live tomorrow. Live today.


P.S. if you fancy a more meaty discussion on this topic, check out A Life Less Traveled’s version.

8 thoughts on “1.36 – What time do you live?

  1. Agreed! If you’re wistful, you’re living in the past. If you’re anxious, you’re living in the future. I try to live in the now as often as I can.

  2. Great post. I definitely have to remind myself to live for today and not get caught up in what I wish things were like or how they used to be. A good reminder we all need sometimes!

  3. Dan, well said! I piece that especially resonated for me was “you’re only going to create more great memories by embracing the now.” Thank you for the inspiration today. I feel I battle it on the daily, & it’s powerful to know others are considering the same conundrum.

    See you down the road!

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