1.46 –Why is my face in a national newspaper?

I received a message from someone on Facebook last night simply saying “yo we’re famous now”. We had a couple of mutual friends and were similar ages, but I didn’t recognise the guy’s name or pictures.

Then suddenly, it all comes back to me. This was someone that I met in fresher’s week, become good friends with, and then proceeded to lose contact with a month later. You meet so many people in the first year of uni, it is difficult to hang on to all of them.

But anyway, he sent me a photo of the Sunday Times with both our faces splattered over quarter of a page!

The article was titled ‘A-Level Meltdown: A Guide’ and features some lengthy case studies about how to deal with disappointing A-Level grades. Several points to note here-

  • I got my A-Level results four years ago now
  • I exceeded my university offer
  • I have no connection to the article author or the newspaper

Yet despite all this, there I am, grinning away at the college bar, in fancy dress and with a drink in my hand. Obscure.

I’m still trying to get to the bottom of where the photo came from (I’d never seen it before!) and how it got in there, but it has made all this ‘information privacy’ news going around mean more than just a headline to me! Though it’s a shame it doesn’t include my instagam @danlambertman. Think of the exposure.

If anyone has a copy of the Sunday Times from 20th August, hit me up!


6 thoughts on “1.46 –Why is my face in a national newspaper?

  1. Freaky. . . That’s got to be against the Sunday Times’ privacy terms or something, no? Try contacting them and at least get them to add your Instagram on their online issue!

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