1.53 – Have you been to Notting Hill Carnival?

Thank goodness for bank holiday weekends. I’d never appreciated them at uni. In fact I never even realised they were happening at uni since everything just continues as normal. But while I’m working in my 9-5 position, they are an absolute godsend.

I’m sitting on a stationary train at the moment, trying to navigate my way back to Milton Keynes amidst all London’s station closures. And it has been a tremendous long weekend. The sun has been shining down on London for three days now, and it made my first Notting Hill Carnival experience a delight. People appeared in droves and danced all day to the music, chowed down on jerk chicken, and drank an unimaginable amounts of Red Stripe. Unfortunately we missed the main parade but the buzzing atmosphere of the place more than made up for it. Everyone was happy and the mood was so vibrant. I also didn’t find the crowds to be anywhere near as bad as people said although queues for toilets were absurd.

But now I am tired, hungry, and struggling to concentrate on writing. The normal and more interesting blog posts will resume tomorrow!


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