1.57 – How did I save €12,000 in a day?

When you present yourself in a certain manner, it is remarkable how much you are able to influence others. This is exactly what I did today. It is a short story, but one that I am very proud of.

I was asked to run my first negotiation at work today. A senior colleague in need of assistance passed me the contact details of supplier and requested that I negotiate a lower price. Being new to the business and this kind of work, I felt a little out of my depth, so began asking other colleagues for advice and guidance. Soon I had my negotiation tactics laid out and was ready to engage the supplier.

During my previous work experiences, I had learnt the value of presenting yourself in the most professional and not-a-pushover way possible. So I was careful to ensure that initial contact with the supplier was well thought-out and precisely worded to mask my inexperience.

Side note- I should add that I am equally aware that honesty and admitting weakness is often far more important. But given the situation and backing that I had, I felt that this tact was likely to be less successful.

Negotiation commenced.

The air was filled with tension.

Many lives were lost that day.

Nah I jest. After I’d made contact, things went very well. Both sides had to make compromises but we finally settled on a fair and mutually beneficial price. As a result, I saved the company a little over 12 thousand euros in this transaction, as well as securing a reduced price for future orders as well. Big win.


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