1.69 – Would you spend two years learning Japanese?

Imagine that you had an amazing opportunity to join a programme that moved you to Japan for 2 years in order to learn Japanese. The programme includes a bit of work experience, plenty of cultural exposure, and a generous living wage. Would you hesitate in the face of such a unique and valuable experience? Well, ask yourself…

What could you achieve in two whole years?

  • You could start a thriving business and reach a 6 figure salary.
  • You could learn to code Python and Java, and become a developer.
  • You could create a blog that draws millions of views and live as a digital nomad.
  • You could try being an entrepreneur only to fail and arrive back at step one.
  • You could jump onto the corporate ladder and start the climb.
  • You could fall in love and start a family.
  • Or you could learn the Japanese culture and language.

This is the dilemma I face today. It is not a “let’s have a go and just move on if it’s not fun” kind of opportunity like so many I have had before. This is a commitment. A commitment to another two years of unfamiliar education, a part of the world I’ve never even visited, and a language that is only spoken in one country. And I just can’t tell whether this would be the best use of these important two years of my life. I don’t doubt that it would be a good use, but would it be the BEST use?

Plus, everyone says that even after that time, you can only reach basic conversational-level Japanese. Fluency or even business-level is at least a further two years! And if I was truly committed, I would want to go the whole way. Suddenly I am on four years of my time.

So I will ponder. I will deliberate. And I will seek advice.

What are your thoughts? Would you go for this kind of opportunity?



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