1.73 – What can you do in Skopje?

Day 2

Despite aspirations to make the 10am Skopje tour, I’m pleased to announce that sleep, breakfast and socialising spread themselves across the entire morning. And it was great. No one needs to be rushing around in 36 degrees. Just chill for a bit.

Old Bazaar- I headed down to the Old Bazaar for lunch and a wander around 2pm. The whole setup is quite intense and packed full of bits and pieces to kit out any room in the house. Though the clear majority goes to the fruit and veg. They go on for kilometres. Grapes and tomatoes and apples and cabbage and carrots and everything else healthy most children take exception to. There are also plenty of fat, juicy olives as well as little stalls selling an assortment of nuts and pulses. Overall, most of the food was very familiar looking. Even the suspect-looking tins of grub seemed like they didn’t hold any crazy suprises. Towards the back end of the Bazaar, other wares such as shoes, mops, and barbers become more densely packed. It really is just like one big sweaty, cramped, but infinitely more wonderful mega-supermarket.

Kebab Lunch- Between the Bazaar and all the museums by the main city square, there is a small maze of little cobbled streets lined with slightly more Western-style shops. On these streets, there are also several restaurants all serving kebab-based food. I always love being able to glance in the window as you walk by and see the chef monitoring the old, iron grill covered in meat from God knows what animals. The headliner appeared to be these sausage-sized bits of meat which on the menus are simply named ‘kebab’. So I sat my hot and tired self down for a simple and tasty kebab, chips, and onion lunch. Only £2.10. Average kebab. Poor chips. Nice sweet onion. 6/10 (where 5/10 is average).

Kale Fortress- Well it’s just a big ol’ fortress isn’t it? A little run down, yes, but perched mightily on the highest point of the city. The walls are tall and the views are good. It’s a hot walk up under the unforgiving light of the sun but definitely worth it. Not much else to say about it really…

Tomorrow should hopefully bring swimming in the nearby gorge and exploring its caves. Excited.


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