1.75 – How easily would you change your mind?

Day 4

“Hey Dan, you should come to Ohrid with us tomorrow!”
“Ok! Let’s do it!”

I had planned on remaining in Skopje for the entire 7 nights but this morning I found myself on a bus to Ohrid with my new buddies Jordan and Jenna. And what a great decision it is panning out to be!

The trip was pretty quick through some beautiful mountians. Now that we have arrived and had a wander about, I can wholly confirm that Ohrid lake is as gorgeous as everyone says it is. Prices remain embarrassingly low and temperatures pleasantly high. Walking to the little church and fortress on the lake takes all of about 1 hour and is pretty easy going.

Plenty more to say but once again I am being harassed out the door to go and find some dinner. So sorry, but I’ll also pick this up later as well!



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