1.76 – Why is this becoming so difficult?

Day 5

I can’t tell whether the mentality I have adopted during this week’s holiday will be similar to that of when I go long term travelling (not long now!). Days are so full of stuff to do such that anything else I had planned, such as maintaining this daily blogging routine, has become very difficult to manage. So I find myself sat here in the morning before anyone else has risen from their slumber, trying to get some things done.

But understand that this does not feel like a chore. Far from it. I am actually really enjoying engaging my brain in other ways amongst days of touristing and meeting new people. Seems to offset any potential burnout.

However this week so far has shown me that the amount I had planned to do in my spare time during long term travelling may be a smidge ambitious. And I’m very glad to have realised this now. There’s so much fun stuff to do and it will be too difficult to fit in many of my other projects. Especially now whilst I am in this unique position of being able to happily afford to travel just for the sake of travel and adventure. No need to let adulting get in the way just yet!

But now other people are beginning to wake and join me in the living room so I’m afraid that yet again, more stories from Macedonia will be a little postponed, potentially until I arrive back in the land of scones and mediocre tea.



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