1.8 – Can you work late tomorrow night?

So there we have it. A whole working week complete. Topped off by a couple of pints at the local with my new colleagues. What a lifestyle change.

At uni, you work/study whenever you can face it. Be it late Monday morning, midnight cramming, or hitting the library at 7am on Saturday. It’s a kind of fluid, flexible work-style; something I very much appreciated. Now I find myself in this 9-5, working for the weekend lifestyle. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

Since I’m only one week deep, I’m not really in a position to judge just yet. However I have a sneaking suspicion that I will not agree with this kind of lifestyle. It seems to me that if you put such a clear division between work and pleasure, you are saying that work is not something to be enjoyed. Not something to be confused with pleasure. Something to be cordoned off and minimised. Seems like a depressing mentality to me…

But as I say, I’m not really in a position to pass judgement just yet. So instead, I will seek to gain every inch of pleasure that I can from these ‘working hours’. And who knows. Maybe I will come to enjoy this lifestyle.


[Apologies for the brief and uninsightful post; I’ve had more than a few beers and trying to write in full sentences in a battle in itself. The regular programme will resume tomorrow.]

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