1.9 – Have you ever tried halloumi fries?

Reason #257 to live near London- there’s always some event/festival/show going on. Today I was lucky enough to have a choice of two. Thanks to Victoria line access, I went with the Lambeth Country Show.

If I’m honest, with a name like that, I was kinda expecting some sheep dog trials and and stalls chockablock full of home made cheese and jams for an extortionate price. But to my delight, there was music, food stalls, rides, horses jumping through fire, portaloos, dancing, competitions, and loads of people.

I met some guy that had just moved to the UK from Switzerland and had also stumbled across this festival. He turned out to be a well known Swiss DJ. We had a couple of beers, talked about the current music scene in Europe (or rather he told me about it and I listened), and just spent most of the afternoon chilling. He seemed to think that a major house/electronic/dance music-revamp is soon going to be due since the current scene is becoming repetitive and less popular. More people are swamping towards other, smaller genres like grime and garage as a result. I’m pretty un-savvy when it comes to current music so it could’ve been complete bullocks, but he seemed to know his stuff. Plus was some ideal respite from the ‘delights’ of my temporary home just outside London.

Later afternoon now and my new buddy has headed off. I’m currently on my way to Camden Market to finally get my hands on some of Oli Baba’s halloumi fries. V excited. Then meeting some friends for a few more drinkies. Chin chin.


UPDATE- halloumi fries are some next level grub. If you’re ever in London, defos go get some.

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