1.12 – Do you love problems?

Really great day at work today. After a quiet start, I finally got my hands on a bunch of data to begin chomping through. Do love a bit of excel magic. Then I found out that I would be going on my first business trip tomorrow! Exciting times. And then, about an hour before my only Skype meeting of the day, everything IT related that I use stopped working; couldn’t connect to Wi-Fi, keyboard stopped working, speakerphone wouldn’t install properly, phone began asking for pin code, and I couldn’t gain access to the shared drive. Bit of a ‘mare. But it was just what I needed.

I love problem solving.

So I was right in my element. I asked around to find the man to fix the Wi-Fi, borrowed a colleague’s keyboard, found someone with a spare headset to use instead of a speaker, still figuring out the phone problem, and used a colleagues phone to find the IT admin-man to grant me shared drive permissions. ALL just in time to still have my Skype meeting.

So yeah. Great times. Boring blog post. Call it my day off. Tune in tomorrow instead.


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