1.16 – What’s the best way to charge your phone?

Until about a year ago, pretty much everyone that owned a phone was labouring under the illusion that the best way to preserve battery life in the long term was to charge the phone from dead to full in one sitting. How wrong we were.

The battery company, Cadex, published a fairly comprehensive and surprising report that quickly took off in the Twittersphere and other social media platforms. The main conclusion it came to was that the long term health of your phone’s battery is best preserved by charging in short bursts, rather than one long stint. It turns out that charging to 100% is actually detrimental, especially if you then leave it plugged in.

I for one, am not about to change my regular overnight charge routine. It’s just too convenient. However, what I did take from this new information was a sobering reminder. A reminder that so many of our preconceptions and ‘facts’ which we explain and defend with such intent may one day be shown to be false, to varying extents. Sure there are some things that we can be pretty confident about, but it goes to show that science is full of mistakes, both in the conclusions that we’ve drawn as well as the information that the public receives. We look at medieval times through books and art, and laugh at the people for truly believing in witches. But they didn’t know any better. Scientists and politicians of the time had no doubt in their mind.

So I don’t doubt that there are people from the year 2170, looking back at us with their time machine, and laughing at us for not even being able to charge our phones correctly.


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