1.18 – Where is innovation?

You know how you often start crying when you are cutting onions? Well there’s a solution to this. Put ski goggles on! Oh wait… they don’t fit without the helmet. So use that basket to make up the space! Now they fit and your eyes stop leaking.

I believe this a prime example of innovation, although some people may disagree. There was a problem to be solved, so steps were taken-

  1. Observe the problem
  2. Realise there is no ‘normal’ solution
  3. Begin looking for a novel solution
  4. Run the scenarios in your head to see if they’d work
  5. Apply the best case

I think most people get stuck at step 3; they will observe the problem, and just assume there is nothing to be done if the solution isn’t obvious. Or perhaps they fear failure of having a go at something new/odd.

But anyway, I was leading up to the point of saying that innovation is not a singular moment. It is a short process. I am a firm believer that execution is everything and the idea is secondary. So me thinks that innovation encapsulates both aspects. This explains why it is tricky to be innovative because not only do you need an awesome idea, you need to make it happen as well!


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