1.19 – Why did Tyrion die?

So I’m going to have to address the elephant in the room. Everyone is talking about it, so in the interests of remaining topical and relevant, it’s time to talk briefly about Game of Thrones (if you don’t watch it, skip to the last paragraph).

It’s completely amazing. Best TV show I’ve ever seen. Things like Breaking Bad or Sherlock are also first class entertainment, but GoT really is a cut above. With the new season underway, I am loving all the fan theories going around, especially now that we are deviating from the books. My favourite one is all about Jorah.

Never thought I’d have to do this- SPOILERS BELOW!

Now that we’ve seen dear Sam begin treating Jorah’s greyscale condition, I reckon several things are gonna happen. The main of which will be that Jorah survives and therefore becomes immune to the disease. So what does he do then? Trots off to Valyria of course! Where he learns about the downfall of the great civilisation, and how Daenerys is doomed to suffer the same fate.

Jorah then returns to her only to be torn between the good of Westeros and his obsessive love for Dany. Ultimately, he has to make the call and end Dany’s life, therefore making him suddenly the most important character in the series. What a promotion!

For any malodorous fools that have evaded the loving embrace of GoT thus far, this won’t make much sense to you. But then again, you yourself don’t make much sense either. Since you’re not watching the endless delights that GoT selflessly provides. For everyone else, sorry about the click bait.


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