1.29 – Does this count as wasted time?

On my trip back to my parent’s house last weekend, I picked up my old Nintendo Wii to bring back home with me. Now, I’ve just returned from the shops having bought The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It’s a game I’ve never played before, but is supposed to be pretty amazing.

The idea of playing video games in my spare time has been infrequently drifting in and out of my mind over the last five or so years. Though long gone are the days of zero natural light and minimal social interaction, thank god or I’d’ve got nothing done at uni (despite all this)! On paper, it is a terrible way to spend your free time. You don’t achieve anything tangible and ‘studies’ have shown that it generally increases stress and anger levels.

But part of me still kinda misses video games.

Perhaps it’s because they were such a large part of my childhood, and I have many a fond memory. Take Pokémon Go for example; sure the game would’ve been popular amongst young kids anyway, but it was the added weight of teenagers and young adults all around the globe that nearly brought the servers to failure. All these people trying to relive those days spent with friends, shouting at a small screen with delight.

So now this is my little outlet. My little window to the past. My little experiment. I’m going to settle down for a long weekend of exploring Hyrule and all it has to offer. I’m excited to say the least. Productivity can go and do one.


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