1.3 – Why is there a stranger in the house with me?

After a slow wake up and breakfast, I was in the car and on the way to my new room in Milton Keynes. I’ve got this 3 month internship ahead of post-uni gap-yah in MK, you see. I’m pretty excited to get started tomorrow morning because there should be a bunch of new stuff to be learned and experiences to be had.

Anyway, arrived at the house around lunchtime, signed some papers and got my set of keys. Nice landlord. Room is on the second floor so it’s stonking hot in this intense British summer. Probably a good thing to be honest; need to get used to these temperatures ahead of October. Finished unpacking my room by late afternoon and am now just chilling on my bed.

However I am not alone.

There have been noises. Thumps and bumps from below. Heavy footsteps on the stairs and doors slowly creaking. The landlord tells me that I am residing with another human. But he remains to be seen. The landlord also tells me that more will come! But no one knows when. If I was religious, I’d probably do a little prayer of summin, hoping that my housemate, or at least one of the future housemates, will be not be a psychopath out to torture my mind and threaten my body…

Nah I jest. That actually took quite a dark turn. Apologies. I am looking forward to meeting my housemate when we are next both in. It’ll be good to have someone else to talk to! And as much as I like having the whole top floor to myself, it’ll also be great to have the other two rooms filled. Busy houses are the best.


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