1.35 – Is fake food everywhere?

Who here has eaten pork crackling/scratchings before? If you have, where did you get it? Was it from one of those sketchy packets from a supermarket that look like crisps? Or was it from a home-made roast pork belly? Or maybe, just maybe, you had the real deal; deep fried pig skin (preferably in Spain).

The latter of these three options is an entirely different species to the other two. Not literally of course, it’s still from a pig. But rather figuratively.

For a start, a single scratching is pretty large. As in, it’ll take you three or four mouthfuls rather than just the one. It is bursting with salty, meaty, crispy flavour and is not filled with nasty soft bits. And since a proper deep-fat fryer is used, the smell is amazing. Parts of it are also hard as a rock, so you’ve got to be a little careful not to bust your teeth when you bite down! I believe they are typically had a snack alongside your beer or other beverage of choice, but don’t quote me on that.

I’m just trying to explain that those smelly, greasy supermarket pork scratchings are not a sound representation of the real thing. So if you ever get the chance to try it fresh out the fryer, don’t hesitate.


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