1.37 – Would you recognise a great steak?


Ooooh have I got a treat for you. I’m on the train back home from London and have just enjoyed the most tremendous meal. In case you haven’t heard of Flat Iron, let me fill you in.

Flat Iron do steak. And that is all. Sure you can get sides and drinks as well, but the only meal they serve is this £10 shoulder steak. And it is wonderful. It comes medium rare, well rested, and with a small mug of lightly dressed salad leaves. It is only topped with a sprinkling of chunky salt crystals that give it a feisty little kick and beautifully compliment the flavour. Super simple and just the way steak should be. The chips are also triple cooked (which basically makes them unbelievably delicious).

The young couple on the table next to me kept muttering about how the steak was not served hot, and that that would not do. Now my friends will tell you that I am a big food snob, and one of my pet peeves is food that is not served hot. HOWEVER, steak is an exception. Because steak needs to rest. Eat it straight off the grill, and it’ll still be nice, but the liquids won’t have reabsorbed back into the meat, so the flavour will be dulled and the meat will be a tad dry. Ergo, steak should not be served piping hot.

Funnily enough, the highlight of the meal for me was actually the dessert. After being sweet-talked into splashing another £2.50 (once again there is only one option), I was presented with this cup of caramel mousse and a small dish of salt. I was pretty sceptical of this DIY salted-caramel mousse at first, since I always think the chef should be the one arranging the food, not the customer. But to my surprise, it was actually spot-on. Dipping the spoon lightly into the zingy salt before diving into the sweet mousse resulted in potentially the best mousse-based experience I’ve ever had. And do remember, this is the same salt that would be used to season the steak so well.

In my mind, this all goes to support my thought that the fewer items on the menu, the better. Flat Iron do steak, and they do it excellently. Nothing else to distract.

I should also mention that they bring you a jar of well-seasoned popcorn as a starter, a large jug of subtly lemon/orange flavoured water, and have lovely staff. So if you are heading to London soon, or are looking for a reason to go, swing by one of Flat Iron’s branches (I think there are a few) and enjoy a masterclass in steak, mousse, and salt.


(note how I was so excited, I forgot to take a pic before tucking in)

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