1.4 – Can you get fired on your first day?

I’d like to begin this post by clearly stating that I have not been fired on my first day.

I am merely trying to decide whether people are generally more or less lenient towards new employees. In my experience, I have found that people are, unsurprisingly, very understanding and patient while everything is set up and ‘stupid questions’ are asked. For example, if you accidentally deleted all of a client’s files on your first day, I imagine most people in the office would sympathise and offer support.

But putting that example aside, does incompetence on the first day not demonstrate a certain lack of natural aptitude for the position? Of course not all mistakes are down to incompetence and different jobs will require different levels or pre-existing ability.

So perhaps on average, these two factors will balance out the probabilities such that the probability of being fired on your first day is approximately equal to being fired on any other day. Google is no help here. All I get is hundreds of entertaining reddit posts.

However, to bring this back down from the purely speculative realm, I am very happy with my new colleagues and look forward to getting stuck into some new shizz.


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