1.40 – Have your tried deep fried jellyfish?

Jellyfish are taking over the Mediterranean. In recent years their numbers have boomed and marine biologists reckon it is thanks to *surprise surprise* global warming. Both the rising water temperature and the ideal habitats provided by offshore windfarms are ideal for a healthy jellyfish lifestyle. So scientists have come up with a solution; eat away the problem.

Jellyfish is already well established in the east as a delicacy of kinds, however funnily enough, it’s never caught on in the west. But now some Danish researchers have devised a cunning new recipe that results in a thin, crisp-like snack. Best of all, the new food comes pre-seasoned since jellyfish are already 90% seawater. So this new, low calorie, high protein snack may soon be arriving in the supermarkets.

Some experts are also claiming that jellyfish are the most sustainable creature in the sea, so gathering them up by the millions should not cause a problem. I however am a tad sceptical of this point of view; it’s exactly the kind of thinking that got tasty fish into the situation they are in now. So let’s at least tread with caution, ok?


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