1.41 – Do you gamble against yourself?

I find myself in the midst of a search for the most appropriate travel insurance for my upcoming adventure. And it seems like an odd concept; you are betting against your own well-being.

If one were convinced that no harm/theft/damage would come to them, they would not take out insurance. But I am playing the odds by gambling against myself. Which then leads to the question, what exactly are the odds? Should I take out only basic cover for only the basic problems? Or I would it be smarter to get a more comprehensive cover since there are a lot of things that could go wrong?

But if these things don’t go wrong, it’s money down the drain. So I almost need a broken limb, stolen bag, or smashed laptop to get value for money. This rationale is, however, ignoring the price of time and well-being. But they’re too hard to quantify in less than 10,000 words. #lazypostday


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