1.5 – Is pathetic fallacy purely fictitious?

Second day of work was another success. Perhaps a little less demanding than I’d’ve hoped, but still an education. Most of my day was spent learning about the broader function of the group that I have joined. Interesting to me but I shan’t bore you with the details.

Because that’s not why you’re reading this is it?

Or perhaps it is. I don’t really know. If you are hoping for more stories and adventures of the day, you will find much pleasure in many of my posts later in the year. However for now, I imagine only about half of this stuff will be about daily content. The other (slightly bigger) half will entertain the odd thoughts and observations I make.

Take this post title for example. As I emerged from the supermarket after my post-work shopping trip, I was covered by a lot of water that was falling from the sky. Happens a lot here. Also at that very moment, I happened to be mulling over some of the worse parts of the day. Coincidence?!?! Yes. Yes it is. I’m a scientist by training and logic dictates that there’s no way your mood influences the weather in real life. And I’ll have words with anyone that says otherwise.

So I challenge you. If any individual can provide me with a convincing reason to suggest the contrary, I will reward said individual with unbound generosity.

Come at me.


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