1.52 – Have you slept with crocodiles before?

16 teenagers and 4 teachers set off to Australia on their world expedition. Being the middle of the British summer holidays, the temperatures down under were actually quite bearable as they began searching for a place to camp for the night. The landscape was a dusty, washed-out orange colour and there were no buildings in sight.

Surrounding a small body of water was a horseshoe shaped mound several meters high. There was a clear entrance channel which was flat and sheltered by the surrounding mound of earth. Ideal for pitching the tents.

Or so they thought.

After dinner, the whole group retreated to their tents and were just beginning to doze off when one of the teachers heard a student moving around outside. Being after-hours and unsupervised, this was against the rules, so the teacher stuck his head out the tent, ready to lay down the law. Despite the bright starlight, the shape of a human body could not be discerned. However the presence of two large crocodiles strolling past another tent did not go unnoticed.

As the two beasts reached the water, a couple more decided to join them at the late-night watering hole. And then some more. A whole parade of crocodiles progressively made their way to and from the water to drink for the next few hours. Now the thing about animals that will take a chunk out of your leg is that they don’t like tents. Tackling a tent for them is like a human trying to get into a packet of skittles using only their mouth and knees; a rather humiliating affair. Despite this, the 20 humans, all of which were wide awake and well aware of the situation by now, sat in their tents until dawn clutching penknives and trying to remember whether their insurance covered ‘acts of stupidity’. Luckily though, the crocodiles were dieting that week, so every human remained unharmed.

Moral of the story- don’t park your bed in the middle of the crocodile highway.


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