1.55 – How do you beat the foodie’s dilemma?

In the same way that it is very fashionable these days to say you ‘love travelling’ and that you think Apple products are overrated, it is also very popular to state that you are a foodie. Whilst this post is not about differentiating the two different types of ‘foodie’, it is important to note that what I am about to say will only feel relatable to people within (what I call) the true-foodie type.

Imagine the scenario where you are presented with a new food that is perhaps popular amongst locals or traditional to the region. Obviously you want to try some, however it smells utterly terrible. Or instead you know the gruesome method by which it was made. What do you do? How do you convince yourself that you should still take the bite? How can you suspend your rational thoughts? Or even should you try some at all whilst holding either moral or safety reservations.

Short answer- I don’t know. Take a durian fruit for example. Smells flippin’ awful but is probably fine to gobble down. You’ve just got to beat your nose. However a tasty looking goat kebab from a quiet street food vendor may just require a little restraint. Overall though, it’s just too situational to cover with a blanket statement. But I will say this when it comes to food-

If in doubt, do not go with your gut feeling. Instead listen to your brain.

Because otherwise you run a serious risk of a very different kind of gut feeling. The kind that one day of no toilet roll means you got off lightly. So battle the foodie’s dilemma in your brain first, so that hopefully you can minimise the time your body spends battling the food itself.

Just don’t become overly-cautious. It’s better to get it wrong a couple of times than to never have the stories to tell in the first place!


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