1.56 – Have you checked if you’ve been hacked?

I found out today about the recent discovery of a spam emailing list containing over 700 million emails! And not just email mind you, a bunch have had their passwords and addresses swiped as well. Classic 21st century hackers.

Anyway, thanks to IFLS’s great article about it, I checked whether my personal email addresses had been compromised and to my horror, one of them had! To be honest though, it’s quite an old email provider now and this gives me good reason to begin the transition to an alternative provider. It’s gonna be such a faff though.

So consider this a public service announcement. It’s really easy to check whether your email is secure or not. Just go to haveibeenpwned.com and enter your email address, and it’ll tell you straight away.

In case you are wondering, haveibeenpwned.com is a well-known site run by a computer security whizz called Troy Hunt. This is not me affiliate linking or trying to get your email or anything!


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