1.6 – Is a work ethic for life?

Having recently completed what is arguably one of the most challenging degrees in the country (told you I was modest), I feel that I have developed a certain work ethic, as most people would. Or rather, what I considered to be a challenging work load prior to my degree, I would now consider to be utterly trivial. I am coining this ‘graft desensitisation’.

So now that I have begun working in an entirely new capacity, I am becoming frustrated because the amount of work that I can take on is being severely hindered by my lack of industry/position experience. Obviously we can talk about transferable skills, the learning curve, and all that other recruitment bollocks to rationalise this problem. But what I am wondering is, will I ever lose my graft desensitisation? Would this problem disappear if I didn’t practice working hard, so to speak. Is a work ethic for life? I certainly hope so.

“If in doubt, do more work” – Casey Neistat

Obviously there is a line, and I think Casey crosses this line. But he does prove a point; that if you can complete x amount of work but it only feels like x/4 amount of work, you are on to a winner.

However that quote was just a happy side thought and doesn’t actually answer my question. Maybe having a work ethic is a ‘use it or lose it’ scenario. Or perhaps it is just like riding a bike; you never forget. Annoyingly, I believe that only time will tell.

So if you are old and have the answer, please please please leave a comment. I’d really like to know!


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