1.61 – Do you trust your friends enough for this?

How many of your friends would you be happy to go on a major travelling expedition with? And I don’t mean a week in France or a short Interrailing trip; I mean an epic adventure of equally epic proportions! For me, I could probably count them all on one hand.

I reckon there are two sides to any person. The first is that which you experience on a day-to-day basis, be it at work, school, or socially. The second side only comes out when people are pushed out of their comfort-zone and told to have fun, i.e. travelling. Many seek familiarity in the food, accommodation and culture whilst being on holiday. Others seek fun experiences, take risks, and learn new things. Both are totally acceptable, but most of you will know exactly which type you fall into and will defend it with rigour.

So I am excited. Sooo excited! I’m absolutely buzzing! Could not be looking forward to the coming weeks more. Not only am I heading off to Macedonia next week by myself, but I also have the pleasure of going on my EPIC ADVENTURE slightly later in the year with someone I know will be the best of travelling buddies!

The excitement is real.

Who would you want to travel with on your next mega-adventure?


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2 thoughts on “1.61 – Do you trust your friends enough for this?

  1. Oh man that’s a tough one. I don’t know of too many people that I could go on trips with and not want to kill them by the time it’s over, besides my husband! Ha! Flight delays, language barriers, etc…most people can’t handle everything with ease like us frequent travelers 😀 Enjoy Macedonia!!!

    1. Totally feel you there! Never an easy decision. Though it’s great that you’ve got one person nailed down at least! 😉 And thanks, I’ll have plenty to write about Macedonia in the coming weeks!

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