1.62 – Ever eaten a bugle?

I’ve mentioned several times in the past that I am food snob, which is partly true. I say partly because I do my best to give all flavours, textures, and culinary experiences equal opportunity to impress me regardless of how expensive or authentically prepared they are. And now I want to give you a prime example of this.


It’s even a nice word to say! The first time I came across bugles was in a Lidl in Germany. For those that don’t know, they are these delightful cone-shaped crisp/wafer/snack things that are flavoured with the standard BBQ, cheese, or sour cream. Then I rediscovered them recently at Sainsbury’s (they’ve got an offer on now btw) branded as Walkers Bugles, and I fell in love.

I think it’s the shape and texture that gets me. They’re just unbelievably satisfying to eat, plus they taste great albeit extremely familiar.

So in my head, this goes to show that as fun as it is being a food snob, it is important to remain grounded and continue to expose yourself to the big name brands. I mean, they got big for a reason right?



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