1.70 – Will this become a real-world Jarvis?

If you’ve watched Captain America: Civil War, you’ll likely remember this great moment where Tony Stark, about to enter the brawl without his full Iron Man suit, does a few quick taps on his watch and then pulls it over his hand to become a shooting-glove-thing. It was awesome. Obviously this is tech that remains decades out of reach (if within reach at all), however I do wander how close we are getting to having Jarvis on our wrists with the new Apple Watch Series 3.

A smart watch that is truly smart. Very nearly as smart as an iPhone even. This is how the new Series 3 Apple Watch advertises itself and I for one, am very excited. So let’s gloss over the price tag for a moment and focus on the new LTE enabled abilities of this new piece of tech.

You would be able to take a phone call whilst swimming in the ocean. Or text your mates even when your phone dies on a night out. Or stream music and track your running route without one of those stupid arm-band phone holders. Plus you could chat with Jarvis Siri 24/7. Obviously the Series 3 Apple Watch has not had the chance to be tested and abused by the general public just yet, but should it hold up to scrutiny, I think my wallet may be about to get lighter. £399 lighter to be precise.

I’ve read in a few places now that Apple is no longer leading the industry from the front. Rather, it is taking all the competitor’s rushed-out-to-market ideas with potential, putting them into a more refined and able piece of equipment, and then acting as though they are the sole pioneer of such technology. It’s a smart marketing tactic and one that seems to be working well. Just don’t be under any illusion; this is not the same company that Steve Jobs was running 10 years ago.


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